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  • Sidharta Auctioneer – Artfordable Auction, Saturday, March 26, 2016

    (Mar 7th 2016 5:23am)

    Dear Art Lovers & Enthusiast,

    Welcome to the first edition of Sidharta ArtFordable Auction in 2016. Let’s discover 158 lots that are packed with diverse choices from the work of well-known artists to the new comers. The new comers are Arif Fiyanto, Romdon Hamdani, I Putu Wigo, Imron and Dhani Soegara. If you feel like to take some adventures hunting for new artists’ paintings, the work of art by the above artists might appeal to you. The beginning of the year sometimes is a good time to buy art pieces that are completely different from what...

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  • Sidharta Auctioneer – Alam Sutera Artfordable Auction, Sunday, November 22, 2015

    (Nov 5th 2015 12:10pm)

    Dear Art Lovers & Enthusiasts,

    Welcome to our last ArtFordable Auction this year. As we are enjoying working with numerous artwork entries, without we realize it we are already approaching the year-end. Special selections have been made in regards to celebrate the year end together with Mall @ Alam Sutera. We were here last year, and we now we are returning to offer a wide range of artists’ work from the new debut to the senior ones. There are as many as 144 artworks, which include three sculptures by Johan Abe.

    Among the new...

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  • Sidharta Auctioneer – Fine Art Auction, Sunday, November 1, 2015

    (Oct 7th 2015 6:15pm)

    While Indonesia celebrates the 70th Anniversary of Independence this year, Sidharta Auctioneer also celebrates its 10th anniversary. It has been 10 years since we held our first auction in December 2005. Holding over 70 auctions through the course of our first decade, we managed to gain the increasing trust and confidence of our clients, both vendors and buyers, and become a distinct auction house.

    We have become known as an auction house that offers unique works of Indonesian art, while maintaining prudence to ensure authenticity of the pieces we offer. In our Fine Art auctions we tend...

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  • Sidharta Auctioneer – Artfordable Auction, Saturday, September 5, 2015

    (Aug 11th 2015 8:05pm)

    Dear Art Lovers,

    Welcome to the second ArtFordable Auction this year that takes place in the dry season or Musim Kemarau. The weather forecast has indicated that we are going to have a long dry season until December due to El Nino. Expecting over 30s degrees Celsius hot; humid and blinding bright. Yellow is the color that strikes my mind. It is associated with the sun, sun kissed, sunburnt, sunset bliss, harvest, rice fields, summer, ice lemon squash, a bowl of shaved ice, outdoor, festival and joyfulness.

    The above impressions are reflected throughout our...

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  • Sidharta Auctioneer – Collectibles Auction, Sunday, 24 & 31 May 2015

    (May 13th 2015 10:05am)

    We live in cycles, and life cycles have become the cause for having our Collectibles more and more frequently. We start our Collectibles auctions this year with a double auction happening back to back one week after another.

    We commence with the sale of the Property of a Gentleman on Sunday, May 24th, 2015 at the gentleman’s spacious penthouse apartment in the center of Jakarta. Some pieces out of the eighty-four lots featured in this session have been in the house of the gentleman’s parents since before he was born. However, most of the various luxurious furniture...

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