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Sidharta Auctioneer – Artfordable Auction, Saturday, 27 September 2014

For those who grew up in the south of Jakarta, PIM 1 was the first established mall concept in Jakarta in the 90’s. Now area of Pondok Indah and its mall development has well turned into a small city of its own. All is there. It was even the pioneer mall to have the first gym at the mall when PIM 2 was first open.

On the weekend, PIM has always become one of the most convenient hangout destinations for many families, friends and bird loves. The restaurants, bistros and cafes are always busy and buzzing, especially with the new Street Gallery, which offers a list of preferred restaurants. People exchange story, reunion takes place to recall blast from the past, couples whisper and giggle about silly things over the café counter, young kids run around to play or hold their parents hands just to stroll at the mall.

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Artfordable Auction, Saturday, 27 September 2014

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