Every piece of art work has its value, and certainly the
masterpieces should be expected to be acquired at the highest of prices by most avid collectors.

Yet, the beauty of art should be attainable. We believe that everyone should have the equal privilege to own art pieces through auctions as the fairest means for acquiring art.

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Sidharta Auctioneer – Fine Art Auction, Sunday, 1 February 2015

Art pieces that have never before appeared on the auction market are getting scarcer and scarcer. So, as an auction house that intends to feature great artworks for collectors and museums, our job is becoming increasingly more challenging. Fortunately we do enjoy the challenge. Despite the difficulty in being able to get collections for our Fine Art Auction this season, we have been able to convince the inheritors of a number of collections to be featured in our auction this time.

We highlight two collections: the Southeast Asian art collection of the late Hong-Kong based Swiss art entrepreneur Manfred Schoeni, and the collection of Indonesian artist and designer Çaka Datuk.

Fashion designer Çaka Datuk started his artistic career studying at the Indonesian Fine Art Academy in the 1950s. When Rudolf Bonnet became a visiting professor at the academy, he then considered Datuk as his protégé. During his life, Çaka Datuk collected the artworks of his teachers and colleagues, including Trubus, Abas Alibasyah, and Bonnet.

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Sidharta Auctioneer – Artfordable Auction, Sunday, 30 November 2014

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