Every piece of art work has its value, and certainly the masterpieces should be expected to be acquired at the highest of prices by most avid collectors. Yet, the beauty of art should be attainable. We believe that everyone should have the equal privilege to own art pieces through auctions as the fairest means for acquiring art.

Direct Sales



Arifien Neif



oil on canvas

190 x 210 cm

Srietje Membaca (Srietje Reading)


Sudjojono, S.

Srietje Membaca (Srietje Reading)


oil on canvas

101,5 x 85,5 cm



"Sidharta Auction always selects something for everyone, because we believe that beauty is in the eyes of beholders and should not be valued merely by the thickness of their pocket"

Sidharta aim is to become the primary auctioneer, reference and exhibition of distinctive selections of quality Indonesian artwork for a wide audience of art enthusiasts. Missions To establish the market for art enthusiasts (buyers and sellers) in transacting quality Indonesian artworks. To seek unique selections of quality Indonesian artwork to be offered to art enthusiasts through diverse types of auctions and exhibitions. To support and promote the work of art of not only established artists but also talented and raising ones.



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